Die for Presslug

A die, in the context of Presslug, is a specialized tool used in manufacturing to cut or shape material, specifically for making pellets or slug ammunition for air guns. This die is typically used in a press, and it gives the pellets or slug ammunition their specific shape and size.

The die works by serving as a mold that defines the shape, size, and sometimes even the surface texture of the pellet or slug ammunition. By using a die, the ammunition produced is consistent, meeting the exact standards set by the manufacturer.

With Presslug's focus on quality, using the best possible materials for their dies, customers can be assured of producing high-quality pellets or slug ammunition, ensuring the best performance and accuracy in air guns.

The spare pellet die for the Presslug pellet press. It is made from the high-quality Toolox 44 steel and will allow you to create

Type of die

Die 4,5 mm (.1780)

Minimum 0,805g (12.42 grains)

Maximum 1,59g (24.54 grains)


Die 5,5mm (.2173)

Minimum 1,611g (24.86 grains)

Maximum 2,722g (42.01 grains)


Die 6,35mm (.250)

Minimum 2,038g (31.45 grains)

Maximum 3,607g (55.66 grains)


Die 7,62mm (.300)

Minimum 3,356g (51.79 grains)

Maximum 5,337g (82.36 grains)


Die 9mm (.358)

Minimum 5,213g (80.45 grains)

Maximum 8,212g (126.73 grains)