Our story


Over fifteen years ago at Presslug, we set our sights on the world of air guns. We were struck by their accuracy, prompting us to start manufacturing our own pellets and slug ammunition, making them available to shooters worldwide - all without the need to visit stores.

Our main goal is to create a perfect tool capable of producing custom slug ammunition or pellets, tailored to the shooter's needs. Our pellet and slug ammunition production is entirely based on quality. We use the best possible materials to meet our high quality standards. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty and 100% support on our products.

We take pride in offering the best air guns, pellets, and slug ammunition online. We aim to be the market leaders in quality air guns and air gun ammunition. We provide a wide range of products suitable for both amateur and professional shooters.

Every piece of ammunition we manufacture undergoes thorough testing to ensure its perfect accuracy and performance. Customers can be assured that they will get the best possible pellets and slug ammunition for their air guns.

Our team is always ready to provide support and advise you on choosing the best pellets or slug ammunition for your specific needs. We're here to help you find the best air gun ammunition.

We thank you for your trust in our products and look forward to many more successful years in the world of air guns with you.